The single sentence


A friend invited me for a yoga session, by a yogi from India.

It happened so, that I couldn’t go, nevertheless I pressed the button to read the description. A single sentence grabbed my attention - ‘You must understand that your current state doesn’t have to last your whole life’. I’ve read it like a dozen times. “Current state” at this part of my life meant being lost, not knowing how to keep going, fear to move on, maybe even question – what’s the purpose of my life in general. And this single sentence awakened me from this prolonged “dream”.

After all, life is a constant movement, a current, a river in a way, which you cannot stop. Even if you look at a nearby street under construction, sometimes in the time of a few hours you can see many changes. Yes, it’s full of rubbish, dust, and noise, but in the end, the workers drive away leaving it nice and tidy for everyone to enjoy.

Now it felt like my life is also full of “rubbish, dust, and noise”, but once again I came back to read that sentence – it doesn’t have to last your whole life. Eh, I wanted to speed things up so badly – new projects faster, new home faster, to lose weight faster. Faster. Faster. Faster everything. But, things done too fast may not be permanent or even dangerous. Coming back to the street example, if you rush, don’t measure, or don’t allow it properly dry, it might end up, not flat or with cracks, it may even hurt someone.

After realizing I can’t speed things up, my only option is to stay here and now. Listen to music to ignore the street noise. Make myself a cup of green tea and feel how it awakens and warms my body with every single sip. Look around the sunlit room. Purposely talk to my dad about a massive 8kg pumpkin. Uproot the “garden” of my thoughts. And finally, take a deep breath and calm down. Everything is alright.

Why there’s something that tries to take to a place of “what it will be”? In the end, none of us know what or how it will be like.

One more sip of green tea…mmm. Here and now. HERE AND NOW. You must understand that your current state doesn’t have to last your whole life.

Photo by Agne Vei



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