I went out for a run.

I stepped out into the evening air of Vilnius and felt the fresh summer breeze drifting by. With my shadow stretching in front of me, I saw a school stadium approaching, covered in tiny rocks. I took a breath deep into my lungs until they were filled to the brim. After my two years in Beijing, the only thing I wanted to do was to breathe in, sip air into my lungs, and breathe out, enjoying myself in the cheering freshness of the air.

Little by little gained momentum and before I knew it I completed my first circuit. Halfway into the second circuit, I saw a snail on the running track and a red Coca-Cola cap lying sideways. Although there was grass just a step away, the snail was slowly making her way across the track with her fine tentacles sticking out. She looked just like me: on her evening mission to go for a run to vent thoughts and feelings. I thought to myself that this was not typical of snails… But who knows…? After I finished a dozen circuits I noticed that the snail had moved forward one meter and still looked agile. After completing twenty circuits I told myself to stop and, as I approached my fellow runner, I looked with admiration at the distance of nearly two meters she had “run”. We left the red cap behind us and I was thinking to myself how wonderful it is to have your own pace. Or, in other words, to run at your own pace.

The twenty circuits I had completed hardly looked more impressive than the two meters she had elegantly crawled. On my way home I was overtaken by a sense of joy.

I did not feel alone. I thought to myself that it would be great to meet my fellow runner again the next day and to go for a run together.

Macro lens photo by Marius Kas



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