When I got on the trolleybus, I soon noticed a two-year-old boy. He was sitting in front of his dad. Looking through the window, constantly pointing his finger at something and repeating WOW.

And WOW or WOOOOW was so special that I started looking in that direction. Everything was just WOW - passing cars, people walking down the street, a girl chasing a puppy, a market full of autumn goodies and life, in general, running at a seemingly crazy speed.

This boy sort of woke me up, at least today to look at life through WOW glasses. To look at everything that surrounds me with eyes full of love and amazement. And that’s exactly what I did, repeating that phrase all day in my head.

The WOW of today became a sunny and warm Sunday, a gigantic monkey smoking cigar sitting on the roof of one house, people I met, Vietnamese style knitted hat from Sukne boutique, coffee with almond milk, M, who made a mindlessly delicious dinner, order of the day from my e-shop that was sent to America, even all the thoughts (both good, strange, and bad) that came to my mind today, etc.

Oh, holy WOW, how rested I am! I suggest you also try WOW.

Photo by Agne Vei



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