I have watched a 2-hour long documentary ‘Jane Fonda in Five Acts 2018’.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Her life was intensively taking me in and I was diving in her life’s waves like a little fish. Actress, writer, and activist is unbelievably inspiring and wonderful, a true example to follow. But how weird it is, that 80 years of life (passion, love, work, travel, ups, and downs), you can fit in two hours (it’s almost thirty thousand days!). And all of them are so different – happy and sad, dark and bright, vivid like a rainbow in a blue sky after the rain, meaningful and meaningless, full of passion for life or empty. This person went through a lot but never chose to be a victim, but a creator. She could stay months in silence, but after she would reborn for a new life like a Fenix. Loss of mum when she was 12-years-old, multiple marriages and divorces, bulimia, never-ending self-search brought her closer to her true calling.

And only at the age of 60, she felt like she finally found herself.

I felt uplifted after this documentary. It’s all good, I thought. Almost thirteen thousand days … - it’s nothing, my reflection smiled back at me in the mirror with a hot pink toothbrush between the teeth. Looks like I still have time for self-search and realization. The small room I’m in right now could be enough to kick back and go forward.

The stupid world of social media is trying to force us to reach everything by the time we turn 30. What then? What would the documentary be like? Would it be involving? Would it affect you? Would it inspire you? Would it change something?

And for the very end, I just recalled the words of a wise person: if you will climb out from a difficult situation, you’ll be able to help others in the future.

So keep going!

Collage by Agne Vei



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