I came to the café and after buying myself a large caramel frappe, I sat by the window, commanding myself to FOCUS and WRITE. I’ve been writing in my mind since Spring, but unfortunately, no one can read minds. Yet.

It happened as in a movie theatre – the film has not yet begun, but the popcorn has already been eaten; the screen is flickering with a question, nothing else is written, but the frappe has already been drunk. But as I pumped through the straw the last drop of coffee and looked through the window at the passing cars and the answer to my question came to me with a loud bang – MY SUMMER IS JUST LIKE ME.

What am I like?

On my nose, are Tom Ford’s infinity-shaped sunglasses. The greenish tone of the glasses embellishes the turbulent everyday life and for a decade now I have been hearing daily compliments on how beautiful my glasses are. Don’t hesitate to buy something of quality, it lasts for ages!

There’s an EQUANIMITY bracelet on my left arm. A reminder that everything is being done and it is done well. A reminder to wake up, to be in the here and now, to feel, to enjoy, and live. After all, it’s the SUMMER OF MY LIFE.

On my feet – magenta color bright sandals by Bimba Y Lola. It is said, that to stand firmly both on the ground and in life, it is better not to save on shoes. No, no! Do not hesitate to buy quality shoes either, they serve just as long, ah, ah, ah!

On my cheeks and lips is Chanel Rouge Allure 91 Seduisante soft tone pink. I just told him to buy me lipstick as a gift and when M flew to a show in Germany, he brought back lipstick that had become MY SUMMER.

On my neck and wrists – Pure XS For Her by Paco Rabanne – a gift from my brother. Sometimes, something you’d never buy for yourself – quietly crawls up like the snake entwined around the bottle of this perfume, bringing you a memory of Asia into YOUR SUMMER. Be brave and buy perfume as a gift! Mmm…

My summer is full of water and I have noticed that as soon as internal unrest (issues of Ukrainian war, pandemics, and personal growth) come to light, I want to swim. Especially across and along the Saint Lake in our homestead. It’s miraculously meditative, it fills you with energy to continue.

Sleeping in nature, big bonfires, dancing until the morning, mosquitoes, a sea full of sunsets, fabulous food, friends, and gratitude for the little pleasures of everyday life. This IS MY SUMMER. AND THAT’S ME.


Lezione di vita: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” (Dr. Seuss)

Photo by Marius Kas

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