Why, as soon as you discover how you want to look, comes a new decade of your age, a new season, a wave of fast fashion, and a painful emptiness smoldering in the wardrobe – I AGAIN HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR or I WEAR SAME CLOTHES AGAIN.

I spin my Equanimity bracelet around my finger and try to breathe deeply and catch myself in the here and now, sitting in a room with slightly tangled hair, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of leggings.

I look at the brand-new shoes I bought last fall, and a rejection-filled NO comes out. Then I start pointing my finger at most clothes in the closet and a never-ending NO or MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE begins to bother me. Again?

Then you open your closet again, and like soldiers, you put the pairs of shoes in line against the wall. You shed a tear while hugging a pair of Alexander McQueen high heels because you haven’t put them on for about a couple of years. Once you are done showing love to that pair of shoes, you put them back on the shelf with the thought “I’m not going to give you away anyway!”, having in mind that the time when you’ll be tapping with those heels will come, and it will come soon. Once again you imprison them in the closet for another couple of years.

All the fashion experts and wardrobe gurus, as if in agreement, repeat – get rid of the things you don’t wear, because they take up space in your closet and your head. But how much space can a pair of the same Alexander McQueen shoes take in your head? As much as possible!!! But on the other hand, if you haven’t worn them for years… Only carry them around the world, but somehow never actually wear them… It’s sad…

Although a friend of mine, charmingly holding a glass of wine, lifted me up with her statement – “I’m convinced (sips), that I’m wearing it (slowly leaning forward), even though it happens once a year (winks and sips, convincing me with the idea) Ah, how charming it is – "at least once a year” (Chin chin, dear!).

And why do I keep wanting to perfect my fashion world? UNANSWERED QUESTION.

And what does a woman have to look like after the 39th? UNANSWERED QUESTION.

And if the budget was unlimited, what would you look like? UNANSWERED QUESTION.

And if, and if…

Indeed, all questions are answered by ACTION. Say goodbye. Resell. Give. Buy. Discover. Experiment. Ask. Measure. Be angry. Try again. Chat with a dear friend.

Oh, and that all of our worlds, including our closets, are sorted by traveling is an indisputable FACT of life.

So, also TRAVEL. To travel, on repeat.

Photo by Marius Kasperas



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