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Upon turning on my TV, I accidentally came across a channel that was transmitting Jonas Mekas’ documentary.

He was enjoying cheese, sausage, apple, once in a while washing it down with a sip of white wine. Sometimes staying in silence and sometimes smiling at the camera, he was sharing his thoughts.

I got struck by what he said and it stayed in my mind – ‘behind every plan, there’s a ticking bomb’. So true, I thought, recalling the events of the past year. I realized, I don’t want to plan anymore, as I can’t really know what will happen with my life in the next few minutes (Where can I knock on wood?). He also said that you should not pressure and ask a lot from your life, in the end, everything will find its own place. I have no idea why, but I believed the words, that left this artist’s mouth. It felt like they were meant for me. Like some power made me pick up the remote in the perfect place and time (I barely even watch TV. What was the force that pulled me towards it?).

Through me, this message reached you.

Don’t plan.
Don’t force it.
Learn to be patient, it all will be the way it should.

Life is art, and we are the artists, like the message at the center of contemporary art in Vilnius says ‘All of us are artists, but only the artists are aware of that’.

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