Six years ago in Singapore (OMG! Time flies!) while sipping coffee and enjoying my morning’s perfection per Tom Ford’s tanned sunglasses (What an Infinity feeling!) I was browsing a local newspaper… Surprisingly to myself, but not to the City of Lions, I found an interview with design thinker Tim Brown.

The newspapers cloth was attached to my notes:

What designers must be?
Tim Brown: We need to have our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground, imagine how to create a better world while taking small, pragmatic steps to get there.

What designers need most?
Tim Brown: Optimism. Without it, it’s very hard to tackle a problem in the first place – and design is always hard.

What designers should keep in mind?
Tim Brown: You have to go with this /feeling/ that you’re going to discover new things along the way and, perhaps, change direction a bit.

What is one of the greatest challenges we face as designers?
Tim Brown: The ability to manage complexity.

photo by Agne Vei

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