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Morning. Shower. Fresh underwear and socks. And the rest..? The rest is the same as yesterday.

It’s the same as the day before yesterday or the day before that. Black Tommy Hilfiger jeans and (like my grandmother would say) carroty V-neck sweater from United Colors of Benetton. I’ll most probably wear the same clothes tomorrow. Well, maybe I’ll swap my sweater for the COS or Uniqlo hoodie.

Recently my dress code formula is pretty simple – jeans and sweater/hoodie.

Do you know who I resemble?

Steve Jobs (R.I.P.), who used to always wear a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers.

‘Agne, remember that you‘re a girl…’, I hear my mom‘s voice from a memory of my childhood when she gently washed my bruised legs because once again I climbed up the tallest tree or fell while riding a bike.

Yes, I am a girl. But does that mean I can‘t dress like a boy???

I probably need a HOLIDAY from FASHION.

Maybe I should stay naked.

Maybe I should wear the same clothes every day
One famous interior designer (her name escaped my memory) lived in a plain, almost empty room with only one lamp in it for around two years, just because she wasn‘t sure what she wanted. It reminds me of a film character Forest Gump, who kept running for three years, two months, fourteen days, and sixteen hours.

It starts to feel like I want it in red again. And my everyday self is livened up by some red elements. To be honest, it seems like sometimes you need so little to be added to your uniform. Red heels for example and you already feel more lively, rested, full of passion.

While living in Beijing (China) I used to wear grey.

For example, grey leopard print Adidas jeans, grey Gap top, silver sneakers by Stella McCartney, grey suede Nike jacket, and grey Uniqlo set (beanie, gloves, and scarf). I even had two grey bags – a medium-sized Calvin Klein leather one and a large Victorinox suitable for everyday use but also traveling. In fact, 90% of my wardrobe was shades of grey. I liked it that way and it suited me. I‘ve noticed that wearing grey makes you blend in with the smog-covered grey city and you sort of became invisible among skyscrapers and colorful people. So, if you don‘t want to be noticed in the city, grey is your color.

I‘ve read somewhere, that french architect Jean Nouvel wears Yohji Yamamoto black attire (classic cut shirt, trousers, and jacket) for three seasons, but during summer he wears only white since he spends most of it in South France.

I also had this BLACK period, when I used to wear black on weekdays and only on weekends you could see more colors on me.

Sometimes people need to find out who they are, what they‘re doing, how they want to live and in my opinion, these (experimental) breaks are crucial.

There‘s too much pressure from outside, that makes you feel not like yourself, wear a mask and pretend, pretend, pretend…

Fashion is luxury and changes rapidly.

Suddenly, it just opens your wallet and poof. It requires energy. You must think about what to wear not only considering the season, but also every month separately as it keeps changing rapidly these days. It‘s charming, it inspires, it motivates, but also requires a lot of energy.

Journalist Craig Bloem in his article ‘Why Successful People Wear the Same Thing Every Day’ outlines three thoughts on every day‘s ‘uniform’ that are worth considering:

You’ll waste less time. Less than five minutes and you are ready.

You’ll save brainpower. When you already know what to wear, your mind is free to focus on daily objectives from the moment you wake up.

You’ll always feel good about what you’re wearing. Well, it always feels good when you know the cut, silhouette, and color that suits you.

But just like fashion, we change every day.

The moment you think you found or got so close to finding something familiar to you, something sort of pulls you out of your comfort zone and the search begins again. Believe me!

I can proudly say that all of those black & white and colorful periods are beautiful in their own way. I‘m happy to be here and now, the way I am, wearing the same clothes for almost a year, knowing that one day I‘ll wake up wanting something completely different…

Photo by Agne Vei / Beijing



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