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I pass this small café at least a few times a day – before and after work. According to my student Evelyn, the concept of it was created by a previously deeply depressed young man…

Is it a coincidence?

• One day, I’m walking, dreaming about new sneakers (My weakness!). Suddenly I slow down next to Optimist Coffee, when I see a message on their stand saying that I don’t need another ‘Louis Vuitton bag’, I need a long vacation.

It makes me think…

• Another day, tired after work, I can barely walk and all I can think about out I quitting, leaving, walking away. I feel the urge to cry. And here I see the message again, ‘'Don’t quit! Suffer now & live the rest of your life as a champion.’’, Muhamad Ali.

Is somebody listening to my thoughts?

• The next day obstacles and challenges are still there. My soul wants to cry, but the message on the stand makes me think again. This time it‘s a tiny story, how a man wishes to find another country to live because he‘s fed up with everything and nothing here excites him anymore. But the second part of it says how the same man will have to go and explore another country, while many are already fed up with that place. My anger and sadness is fading away, mood is getting better.

I think I‘m smiling again.

Photo by Vaiva Valaityte



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