I’ll share a vision from my childhood memory.

Kitchen, I‘m sitting on a chair, quietly putting on my shoes, knowing I‘ll run, I‘ll run that fast that nobody will be able to stop me. That day I was left with a sick grandma, who the exact moment was asking me what I‘m up to in a kind of angry manner. As calm as I could be I answer „nothing“ and I start running towards the door to the corridor. The first door opens so easily that I can see it in my head „the freedom“ but my hand on the other door that would get me out is locked, my escape plan just fell apart. Moments later I see my grandma standing there and blink after asking me back. I’m full of tears. Ah, it didn‘t work out!

I do think the same way it all works in life when we try to escape unwanted situations (not so loved ones, problems, awkwardness). Sometimes the door is wide open but sometimes impossible to move.

How to escape? What could be the key?

Now I would say, that the key is the TIME. If I only waited long enough, one of my brothers or my mom would‘ve come back. I could‘ve done my coloring books, drew, or just jumped on the bed. I could‘ve done something I love without even noticing the time until someone will unlock the door from the other side… Obviously, I was a child, a naughty one, or maybe I still am. Now I think that I‘ll take a breath when I‘m old when I‘ll understand that patience is on my side, my friend, and not my enemy.

But the concept of time is so misleading. Social media is painting us a picture of people always smiling, always beautiful, and always happy like nothing touches them, no problems, no sicknesses. And you try to go through their door, but it‘s closed, you try to climb through God‘s window, but it‘s like a cell. You laugh at yourself, you‘re angry, you try to shout and scream to the highest one how badly life is unfair.

But… Finally, you understand that you must go through your own door, and if it‘s actually yours, it will open without a struggle. It won‘t be locked! It’s better to find a way that is meant for your heart. And sometimes the key can be a book, a message, a call, a letter from a friend, or even a bad illness. There are as many keys as there are doors. The struggle or conflict begins with our ego which tries to open the exact one door and no other.

But what if we‘ll TRUST the current of life?

What if we won‘t ask or chase for something and just do what we love?
Who knows.. maybe we‘ll forget about the existence of the door and that funny doorbell will surprise us.

Photo by Agne Vei



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