I cleaned a lot the previous week.

Two days in a row, early in the morning, during work breaks, evening too – I cleaned, I washed, I got rid of old unnecessary and annoying items or to be more exact the ones that drained my energy every day. Konmari-me in fact.

I felt huge relief afterward. Seems like it got more clear and tidy in my head too.

Once we went to the summer house, by the Saint lake – we swam, took a boat, assembled nice flower bouquets from wild and garden flowers, had tasty dishes made by my mother and godmother and etc.

And that night I dreamed of a huge, black wolf, growling at me, just centimeters from my face. It was terrifying, so terrifying in fact that I can‘t even describe it in words. And then I came to a realization that if I will fear it, I‘ll send vibes of fear which will be caught by the thing in front of me and I‘ll be eaten. And only if I relax and believe in the process itself, I will be myself and it will go away. I closed my eyes, breathed in, and calmly woke up. That‘s how I defeated the monster.

In fact, while I was in my cleaning mood, I had a few questions that had to be answered. I was even ready to consult with my psychologist if I can‘t answer them myself (a few years ago, during a few sessions she helped me out with answers). Interpretation of dreams (not the usual dream interpretation books!!! Definitely NO!!!) helped me find inner order and peace. Now, while calmly sitting in a passenger seat on the way back, the big-black-wolf came and I understood. I understood that those fears are now gone, I only have to relax, calm down, and trust the process.

How did I understand that the wolf represented my fears? Simply through the fairytale that is bone-deep familiar – red riding hood. There‘s even the saying ‘if you fear the wolf, don‘t go into the forest’.

It felt like passing another game level.

Lezione di vita: All of it is within us. All the answers that we so much seek.

I love to observe the world and interpret it my way.

Spirit animals show up in different forms and at different times, but always with a message:





And if ‘WOLF‘ scares you and just sits there inside of you, representing all your fears, just try to calm down, relax and trust the process of life. Think about how good it feels when you are calm when you embrace the world as it is (even if it means with daemons), you don‘t push it, you don‘t expect anything, you don‘t ask for things to happen, but just accept the reality the way it is and start living here and now – not in the past, not the future, but in this very weather-wise unpredictable (sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, stormy, etc.), but beautiful moment.

Photo by Marius Kasperas

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