While sharing the long run scene of Forrest Gump (http://agnevei.com/ever-feel-like-running-away-from-your-life), I was drawn by the very first sentence - ‘That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run’.

Especially the ‘for no particular reason I decided‘ part.

Did it ever happen to you, that for no particular reason you just decided to do something?

  1. For example, back in university days, after lectures rushing to work I would always choose to walk on the same side of the road. That day, for no particular reason, I decided to walk on the opposite side while minutes after on my so favorite side the sound of two cars crashing into each other gave me shivers. Who gave me a second chance to live? I drowned myself in deep thinking, still shaking by the time I reached work.

  2. That day, for no particular reason, since I got bonuses, I’ve decided to buy myself a present. Shops were confusing and felt like a never-ending maze. Something inside told me to keep going and moments later I was standing in front of very cute Versace sneakers with 60% off! Both size and color, the design itself, perfectly fulfilled my wish!

  3. That day, for no particular reason, upon waking up I felt the wave of energy flowing through my body and decided to something meaningful. While browsing the internet an ad popped up for competition by Adidas Academy. After deciding to try, not even a month later I was already a finalist in Germany (the town of Herzogenaurach), met so many talented people, and finally came back with a lot of experience, emotions, and unforgettable memories. This experience in a way opened the doors to my so much loved Italy!

I could give many examples – from little everyday moments to something more serious, that flips your life upside-down. And sometimes it may sound so unrealistic or mystical, that it becomes harder to share it with someone.
While reading the book ‘Angels in My Hair’ I understood, that behind all of this is your Guardian Angel. An angel whispers into your ear and it turns out that we are the ones who choose to listen or not.

Maybe today is also ‘that day’ and maybe you, yes you (!) will decide to do something for no particular reason. So listen closely and then at the end of the day don’t forget one thing, to say THANK YOU to your Guardian Angel. Have a beautiful day!

Photo by Agne Vei



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