So, how to dress in 2023?

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Ten years have passed since I lived in Beijing. We lived in the Wanda skyscraper. In the building’s basement, there was a Korean cafe “Paris Baguette”, where we would buy water bottles designed by designer Karim Rashid. I ❤ design. That is how I first encountered the famous designer.

An interesting fact about him is that Karim Rashid established the color pink in men’s fashion.

This year I ordered his book “Design Your Self – rethinking the way you live, love, work, and play” through Amazon, which was first published in 2006. I shared its content with my students in a lecture on personal branding because clothes play one of the most important roles when we consciously create “the self”. And in it, I was particularly attracted by the ideas of how – both men and women should dress. The advice sounded like an immortal design classic and will certainly be useful to all of us.

For Women:

You always look good if you stay fit. Try to match shoes, stockings, watches, and eyeglasses. The bigger the watch, the better. Dress in this decade. Your wardrobe should reflect the time in which we live. Don’t wear jeans 24/7. Dresses can be beautiful and very flattering. High heels can be sexy, but don’t torture yourself. Choose a height and style you can live (and walk) with. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Dressing casually doesn’t mean dressing as if you just got out of bed. Don’t wear business suits; they barely work for men. Wear white all year long. A woman in white is an angel. Skip frills. Avoid anything that’s too ornate. Wear clothes that work with your body; don’t use them to hide it. Wear contemporary jewelry. Choose shapes that are simple, pure, sensual, and organic. Essential for women are rings and a necklace. Wear a watch and a bracelet so that your arms are balanced. Dump brands. Know your body type and dress to flatter it. Wear all the colors you like.

For Men:

You always look good if you stay in shape. Your accessories-shoes, watches, glasses, jewelry, and so on-should always match. Wear close-fitting clothes, and get into shape so you can pull it off. All your socks, T-shirts, and underwear should be identical. Own a pair of sneakers that are special and hard to find. Oversize is over. Don’t be afraid of color. Buy quality, not quantity. Break all dressing rules. Except mine. Do not wear pleated pants or narrow-cut pants. New fabrics such as microfibers and all-weather garments are best when you travel – they do not wrinkle and they dry very quickly. If you are short, wear flat-front pants, with a slight flare. Stay away from garments that are too ornate. Don’t wear anything too retro or antiquated. Always ask for advice or shop with someone that can look at you objectively. Jewelry is beautiful and should be worn always. Let’s emblazon our bodies. Wear one or two rings at least. Don’t buy labels. Buy what looks good on you. Your top should always be a lighter color than your pants, or they should match exactly. Your shirt should always be lighter than your suit. Be original.

CHAMPAGNE, please!


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