It seems like just a week ago I was squeezing snow in my palms and now it’s all melting away, flooding the streets with ice-cold rivers.

After a few hour-long walk I came back with my feet completely soaked, but that didn’t ruin my mood. Can’t wait for the sun and warmth, it feels like I can already see myself in the countryside, by the lake, my legs hanging off the footbridge, toes touching the water enjoying the summerish afternoon and its sounds - an unreachable dream for today. How could I not mention going on the boat at a golden hour? Magical.

Sunny Malaysia, became a magical distant memory. Was I there? Did I travel? Did I fly? Did I teach students? Did I have lectures? Did I LIVE there?

At least for now, I have such simple wishes, that I even surprise myself sometimes…

To lose a few Covid kilograms – by eating a lot of vegetables for example, by walking in the rhythm of SOLVITUR AMBULANDO, feeling less bad for myself. We all know how, but for some reason, we do the opposite.

To get some tan, suntan, because recently I can’t even describe my skin color. Pale-greenish-blue, haha…

To put winter clothes and shoes away, deep down in the closet.

Renaissance. Do not dress the same again, maybe to create a new uniform for me. Rescue some clothes from the SALE rack, calling through the window for you to come in. Mix and match formula ‘something expensive, something cheap and basic, something interesting or old, and maybe something new, just sawn by me’. What colors do I wish for? Something fresh, light, maybe pastel, and innocent. To see the color of Spring and fall in love with it from first sight.

To see and spend some time with old friends – to cook a nice dinner, to eat, to laugh, and blah-blah-blah until the morning.

To put new products into my shop, with loads of love (not giving up when it’s hard) continuing to do what I’ve started.

Lezione di vita: I WANT really and honestly something SIMPLE.

What about you?

Photo by Agne Vei

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