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For me, February is always associated with my Mom’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day. It also goes very fast and usually reminds me to start taking care of my body lines because SPRING is just around the corner and soon we will see what and how much everybody ate haha.

Today, I heard the flattering sounds of snow cracking under my feet. Even though it was kind of slippery and hard o walk, there was a smile on my face hiding under a bubbly mask.

Would you like something bubbly?

Post staff didn’t seem happy.

Nobody I crossed paths today did…

Or maybe the unhappy one is me? And I was the only one seeing it that way.

God took us from ourselves, when just not that long ago we thought that the best things in life can be bought – new items, travels, bottomless consumption, and one thought ‘I need this’’. But now, when our needs are reduced, it turns out that we can’t live without live...

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BARBE - 20210116_145547.jpg

I noticed that during quarantine time slowed down.

I started looking at everything more consciously, closer, with a much greater concentration.

I’m willingly going to clean my dishes!

I’m scrubbing dirty sneakers in a meditative mood!

I’ve started drinking my morning cup of coffee while looking out the window. I can be in silence for a good half an hour or more because I don’t have to rush anywhere!!!

And here today such quarantine coincidences-memories-thoughts
came to my mind, so I’m sharing it:

My dear, some things will work out by themselves, just give them time!

I remember my kindergarten, a three-story building. It was winter. On the roof edge, there were gigantic-sized icicles. I called my friend and asked what icicle would she like. ‘That one!’ she pointed her finger up. I took a huge stone and threw it… On the ground floor, a window was opened, so the stone fell on...

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How hard it is to want something else when you want everything to go back on track.


I miss touching clothes in real life, not on the computer screen.

I miss the simplest conversation with a friend met in the city, not a meter away wearing masks, but the offer ‘Have half an hour? Why don’t we go for coffee?’ after a warm hug.

The city is so dead.

It’s like the biggest shot you’ve seen in the cinema when you have an innocent thought ‘I want you all to disappear. I’m fed up…’ And here you are, the main character of the movie.

I miss the sun.

I miss faces because we still haven’t learned how to communicate with our eyes only.

Someone surrounded himself with silence and went to the countryside. Walks around the woods every day, walks his ‘wolf’ and creates strategies. Someone wanders away to the seaside, breathes fresh air in, but the anxiety won’t go anywhere...

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AV 2020 Zodiac Gift Guide

AV 2020 Zodiac Gift Guide - she - IG-1.jpg

This year is coming to an end…

No one will deny the fact that it was a real year of masks. I created sixteen mask designs with color variations that appeared in my e-shop. Looking at the masks, I decided to make a gift guide based on the signs of the horoscope.

Maybe this will be a great inspiration for gifts.

What is your zodiac sign?

AV 2020 Zodiac Gift Guide - he - IG-2.jpg


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- DSC02737 - original color.jpg

‘I want you to take some pictures of me this morning’, I said to my M and went to have a shower.

After a good half-hour, we both drowned in the abundance of camera shots. I do not know why, but over the years I look at the photos with a strange fear, but I guess it is common among women. I don’t feel how old I am and every time someone asks me, I have to take a moment and think.

The moment the first snow has fallen, here I was trying to taste the falling snowflakes.

And when the puddles got frozen, here I was trying to skate on them.

And then there was the idea that if you are still enjoying the snow and you want to skate on frozen puddles– you are really young and who cares about the number.

Of course, I always want to talk more about my creations and designs, rather than myself and my look. That’s why filming myself for me is so hard. I prefer to be an observer. Even my...

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Shop Agne Vei ;)

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- - - AGNE - change-flame-FiNAL.jpg

Do you know what could save the world?


It seems like the current year took away our comfort (safety), money, traveling, but it can’t take away our creativity, the power of imagination, dreaming, attraction, action, discovery, creation, change, view.

Just like a question written in a forum I read - ‘What’s the thing you’re missing the most this year?’. I wrote ‘Travel’ with three crying emojis. It almost brought me to tears!

But can’t I travel for real?

Travel through books, films, travel channels, thoughts, dreams, own designs? Walking through the park covered in golden leaves – isn’t that a mini-trip? Looking for fabrics? Sketching? Cooking? So many things can be done throughout the day – even talking together and dreaming about Asia, deciding to cook an Asian dish that was seen on a travel cook show?

If we could only wake ourselves up in today’s chaos, and learn...

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good vibes only_.jpeg

There is one troubling dilemma.

When I leave the house, I am not sure which mask to wear, haha … There are more than a dozen of them…

Favorite mask? Namaste Logo Games 2 (Black Reflective).

My hairstyle? Short Bob.

My perfume? Narciso Rodriguez for Her.

Eyes? L'oreal Bambi.

The overall image? Still SILVER.

Favorite garment? Pencil-shaped MQ knitted skirt with a zipper in the front all the way down, which I discovered in the Sukne boutique.

A dish that worked out perfectly at home? Chef’s Gordon Ramsay Roast Chicken in Kefir.

The dish I’m planning to cook? Bucatini alla Carbonara by Sophia Loren.

What do I do when I feel sad? Slightly shorten my Short Bob - somehow I like it when the hairdresser ‘does’ my head in every way.

The latest idea and product under development? Burn the NEGATIVE (coming soon).

What would I like to buy from clothes? Something from Uniqlo L +. I...

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Looking at the calendar I’ve noticed that New Year’s eve is not that far away.

Then I thought about champagne – will we pop a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Orange Label this year?

2020– brought so many challenges, but all of us know the saying, what doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger. We’ll live through it, I mean the rest of the upcoming months this year, but we’ll most definitely pop the champagne.
How else without it? ;)

Either way, the virus isn’t gone and the mask-making continues.

A new design mask has been made.

I was inspired by the fabric with champagne bottle print, sold by designer Courtney Hanks.

Once again I thought about champagne – maybe it would be nice to cover yourself in champagne bottles too?

After a good week I received the fabric in my mailbox, here I am, holding an already sewed mask, just one day later. It‘s missing something though. Something subtly...

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