Orange Love Virus


In my last post I said that I want orange – ‘The most beautiful color – ORANGE – it’s delicious, bright, squirting with joy (splashing) just like the orange in a juice squeezer.’

Orange for me associates with joy and energy. It also makes me think of ORANGES and mandarins, carrots, pumpkins, and pumpkin soup, cat in boots (Oh, how elegant he is! I want to ‘sneak’ three things of it – a hat with a feather, a belt, and a long boots! Meow!), falling leaves, peppers, Asia and monks, champagne (especially my favorite Veuve Clicquot Orange Label), Tabasco spicy sauce, YouMaMe and, of course, M, whose favorite color was/is/will be ORANGE.

He owns an orange Uniqlo jumper, which has been counting years, but he associates it with Asia and countless warm memories of traveling and adventurous life moments that we would love to repeat. In his wardrobe, the priority for detail such as a band or minimalist inscription will always be given to Miss Orange. There will always be less of it and she will always hide in the lining of clothes, socks, or shoes. And always very subtly. 

And on my head, there is already an orange H&M hat with the ‘Anything Is Possible’ label. That label is so ‘in the right place at the right time’, because it’s not always easy to convince of what is written. But words materialize – what we think, will happen.

Orange tights are already in the handbag, which is likely to fit very well with the long MQ skirt from Sukne that I will wear along with Marni boots with orange soles. It feels great to give your autumn wardrobe an orange energy boost.

And I promise to eat more carrots and drink more orange juice! And in the autumn rain, hide under an orange umbrella that I don’t have yet.

Lezione di vita: and if you’re sad now or just not in the mood, or maybe it’s complicated, I suggest you eat an orange, a mango mochi, or maybe pumpkin soup. After all, scientists say, our mood largely depends on what is in our stomachs.

Anyway, I’m spreading the ORANGE LOVE VIRUS today and I wish you to get it. I’m on my way to get my nails painted orange – mwah, mwah!

Photo by Agne Vei

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