Not holiday, but HOLIDAY (off for a month or so)


Today I‘ve come to a realization, that I need a holiday.
Not holiday, but HOLIDAY.

So I could switch off my mind and not think at all. Maybe sink it in wine. Maybe even repeat that few nights in a row.

It‘s said that a person starts to relax on the 7th day, so the holiday should last at least ten. But I felt that I need a HOLIDAY, capital letters, so it sounds like a month-long one.

You need to get away from this casual, everyday self, that doesn‘t seem so happy in the reflection of the mirror.

Yes, you (poked my own reflection), you hear me?

Yes, you. You must leave this city. Away from this routine wandering through these virtual labyrinths without finding what you‘re craving for.

You, yes you, did the best you could today.

You are here.
You are loved.
You are cared about and at least five names come to your mind.
You are a happy human being.
There‘s only so little you lack in life.
Oh God, if only the world would have as tiny problems as you.
You are young!
You have dreams.
It‘s summer now.
Caramel ice cream in your hand.
He just smiled at you. What a blessing to be two-in-one.

Maybe sometimes all you need is to sit on the grass (HOLIDAY grass), leave all those ‘success stories‘ behind, and just be with yourself – so perfectly imperfect.

Do you remember how much can be looking into the horizon give? The line, that divides sky from earth. Knowing, that you‘re an earthly creature, with unearthly thoughts, which can be devilishly crazy sometimes.

Once again you must remember who you are, what you need, and what you want to achieve.

You, the unique YOU. And not someone else, who is channeling virtual waves and is trying to put you in some sort of frame.

You make this world beautiful. In your own way. Could be even smoking a cigarette, trying to make loops from exhaled fumes. Your existence shows how you can have beauty in such a variety of forms.

Why does it matter what everybody thinks if every single one has 50 000 thoughts every day?

Ah, how badly I need not holiday, but HOLIDAY.

Photo by Agne Vei



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