NEW YEAR: aah, aah, aah!

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My Year of the Water Tiger 2022 began with a red iPhone 13 mini, Nähe’s red planner for the year and red nails, and a white Uniqlo X Keith Haring unisex jumper with a tiny man figure which had a red X on his head (Aah, aah, aah!).

Do I want red again?

Looking at the red soles of my shoes, it looks like that, but… But perhaps only in certain details of the outfit or as a small part of a personal image in general. So far, it’s too cold for me to think about what the color or color combination of the spring will be for me.

The color of the year announced by the Pantone Color Institute - Very Peri – violet and violet-red halftones that originated from the color blue family, reflecting creativity, bold self-expression, dynamism, this challenging period, and infinity of the possibilities of today’s world, thanks to which we can change.

The Year of the Water Tiger colors our world in black, blue, and green. And somehow while I was writing this text, I suddenly realized that I want WHITE. Lots of it, from head to toe! Although the approaching spring, when snow will melt and the mud will be splashing everywhere, it is very unlikely for WHITE to be the answer… But there’s still time to think! There are still two months of winter hidden in multiple layers of clothing.

After all, on the New Year, I wish to find your personal color or color combination, live beautifully, dress in your own way, eat deliciously, love yourself and your own pace! I wish you to find joy in the mistakes you made, the rebuses of life you overcame, and believe that everything you want is POSSIBLE.

Lezione di vita: and at the end of the year, pop a bottle of champagne and look back at the months that passed, have fun swaying in amazement from side to side ‘aah, aah, aah!’.


Photo by Agne Vei

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