Like I said… Birthday, or rather two birthdays came, gave me presents, and left.

It is genuinely nice that at least one day of the year very selfishly belongs only to you. That lifting feeling is not equal to any of those remaining few hundred days.

‘But how fast days pass???!!!’ - I looked at a teaspoon with one raised eyebrow, licking of the crumb of a third cake. Already a week has passed: beautifully smelling flowers - began to wilt, champagne bubbles have evaporated, but the most beautiful birthday wishes remained in the heart for a long time.

Lezione di vita: the power of words is indescribably strong.

I read what you wrote to me on my birthday, and I felt goosebumps running down my body. I felt lifted all day long.

And everything I create has words in it because I adore them and their power.

Sometimes meaning and great philosophy are encoded under the word (Equanimity, which you might have heard while searching for yourself in one of the meditation sessions, that you went to after traveling more than 10,000 km away from home.

And sometimes the words (IT’S GETTING BETTER), which if it was alive, let’s say a dog and it would shake its coat after getting wet in the rain, the raindrops falling off as separate words, would still have meaning IT IS, GETTING, BETTER.

Yes, the power of the word is indescribably strong.

Perhaps you were invited to a birthday party too? You will come, will leave a present and you’ll go. Hey, make sure to leave something meaningful! Visual, sound, feeling, but necessarily something different that would make someone listen and think, would give more strength to go ahead, not to break, to overcome all the challenges.

P.S. Once, one person told me that everything I touch becomes beautiful. And this is one of the greatest gifts in life that accompanies me every day.

Photo by Agne Vei

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