I was standing on the Love Bridge (I named it this way myself) and analyzed.

To be more specific, it’s a bridge with hundreds of padlocks, locked by couples, who also through the keys away down the river. Engraved names and dates were writing all kinds of stories in my head. They met (in a café or maybe petrol station), they dated (for three years or maybe ten), then he proposed (or maybe she, or maybe it was her + her, or him + him). They got happily married, promised each other eternal love and after locking the padlock on the Love bridge, together they threw away the little key…

Are they still together?

Do they have their happily ever after?

Or did they end up on the ‘divorced’ side of statistics, forgetting the promise they made and the already rusted padlock on the Love Bridge…

Or maybe… Or maybe… Or maybe… (I was creating different endings.)

Or maybe… Or maybe… (Oh wow, everything we have is so fragile!)

Or maybe… (Or maybe they’re happy; traveling, working, creating in/out/through this world!).

Twenty minutes later I was still standing there, on that bridge, analyzing hundreds of padlock until I saw one, somehow special.

It was heart-shaped and had a 3 digit combination.

Those two (him + her, her + her, him + him) maybe swore the love, but still left space to breathe, if… If one day they’ll go different ways… There’s a combination, that will unlock the padlock and allow them to move on.

Or maybe, they’ll never have to use it.

Or maybe they’ll just forget about it.

But that’s not the point.

Point is to leave some freedom, for it to turn out the way it will.

The point is to not plan, but improvise.

Point is to let it be.

Hurray for those TWO on the Love Bridge, surrounded by hundreds of padlocks for ‘mind’.

P.S. Don’t lock your heart away forever, keep a spare key, just in case 😉

Photo by Agne Vei



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