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Summer frappe with caramel and ice cream was replaced by a hot almond milk cappuccino. Autumn has begun. I want something new.

Most of the time, for me, the word NEW was associated with new clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today I feel different, but I’m not giving up the old-NEW desire.

Hi, so what’s NEW?

The old habit of reading books was replaced by the Audible app. The eyes seem to want only to wander dreamily into the distance. Still, the ears do listen, especially when commuting to or from work on the morning/evening buses of Vilnius. What am I listening to? Book by John Morgan “Brand against the machine”, and podcasts – “The logo geek podcast with Ian Paget”, “Design your life with Vince Frost”, and “The brand new you with Ryan Rhoten” to mention a few.

The new Asus ZenBook has replaced the old Asus ZenBook. I hope there will be more ZEN in my life to trust the process (where I am, what I do, and what surrounds me). For my writing, this computer is PERFECT.

A new tenant settled in my house – a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I used it to vacuum not only dust, but also thoughts of all sorts, doubts, and mistrust. The perfectly designed item delights me with all its being every day.

In academic activity, teaching will appear. Yes, I am back to education, after all, I have been doing it greatly for about a decade, and after a good rest, I will begin to share the knowledge I have gained and the life lessons I have learned in a new way. I have heard the saying that we always return to who we are.

It was also a new feeling to climb on the packed white haystacks, as I always wanted to do it every time, I passed it on the way to the homestead through the meadow fields. It made me feel like a character from a computer game, just it wasn’t as easy to climb on it and I wish I had that superpower to jump from one to the other.

I’ll also admit that, at least for now, my e-shop has nothing new, but that certainly doesn’t mean there won’t be anything new. Every day, projects and ideas buzz like bees in my head, and sometimes one stings, like a kick in the butt to take something and make it. I can’t just answer what that NEW is yet, but I accept my courage to step back from everything I do and come back when I want to. I’m not intimidated by the consistency and daily appearance of Facebook and Instagram stories. M once said that even though I’m a designer, I act like an artist. But that’s how my being works! How much can you create that pretended happiness on social media when in reality there are days when you want to cry or do nothing?

Lezione di vita: anyway - enjoy every new day, new people, and new challenges. I am always looking forward to new trips, new experiences, thoughts, dreams, and new clothes, shoes, and accessories in my closet.

But, I still want something NEW-NEW, but today I can’t say what it is, so look forward to the sequel of this story.


Photo by Marius Kas

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