How unnoticeably fast two first months of the year had passed and the third one is already mid-way.

Today, wearing the organic hooded sweatshirt ‘He Loves Me’ I realized that I was gone somewhere for while now and here I’m back again.

Clothing is an important part of our lives. Like my beloved Betsey Johnson said in one of her interviews: ‘<…> If we can’t express ourselves with how we cook how we decorate and what we wear there is no place left’ (My Way or the Highway: Betsey Johnson).



Today’s breakfast – coffee with almond milk, a French omelet with portobello mushrooms, and a small sandwich with keto bread and cheese.

Since I used to live in Italy and Asia, my meals always have to contain its cuisine, while still integrating something traditional, local Lithuanian meals. I love food, even though before my big life journeys it barely existed in my mind. It was never something special, so I didn’t think much about it. Snickers, Coca-Cola, and cigarettes were with me every step of the way during my studying years. After art academy, I discovered Mireille Guiliano books, which pointed me in the right direction. After spending one year in Italy and 8 in Asia – food horizons have widened together with cultural wisdom. I’d love to learn dessert design because in our kitchen my M is the Chef.

I always say YES to bubbly!


Today’s home– small loft (creative studio).

We lived in a variety of ways. From studio flats to the apartment on the 27th floor, facing Kuala-Lumpur twin towers, pool, gym, and most beautiful surroundings.

At the moment, when the place we live is rented and the financial situation is limited, we thrive in minimalism – white space and my photography on the walls. But there are so many thoughts and dreams about our future home… So strange, I can live differently without giving it a second thought. It can be a tiny place, but clean, white, with loads of sunlight and good music.

I miss a bathtub :). Soooo much.


Today’s catch – the organic hooded sweatshirt ‘He Loves Me’

Outfit? I mentioned quite a few times that from ‘I’m wearing the same again’
to constant search, seeing, touching, color experimenting, discovering something new I come back to wearing the same again. The rhythm of ‘experiment-rest-not-wanting-anything-wanting-again’, haha… When the better times come– grand shopping of good quality items so that when the bad ones come, the everyday fishing wouldn’t stop ;).

When the quarantine was softened and some shops opened, there were enormous queues by the second-hand shops, I realized, that people miss the feeling of ‘looking and finding’. Few times I even passed such a queue of stylish young people who were not scared of freezing cold outside, waiting for their treasure, myself. Fashion is truly something like fishing. You feed your wardrobe with all sorts of findings and then depending on your mood you fish in it.

I have a question for the end – why do you want to give up (especially in hard times), if you don’t have to??? You can learn so much, surprising yourself and everyone around you!!!

How is the thing with your dopamine levels (Happiness hormone)? (GO)

Photo by Agne Vei



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