Hello July: let’s work, work, work!


‘We’ll rest when we die’, the teacher used to tell us at school. ‘Let’s work, work, work!‘ she would smile clapping her hands, as she was trying to encourage us to do the work quicker.

I repeat this thought to myself every day (especially when it’s soooo deadly hot outside) because I need a holiday, it won’t be this summer. The story of a designer’s life. Somewhere I heard someone say that we do not even actually retire, but 'work, work, work’ until we die. That’s when we rest. Cha, cha! 

Well, it’s not that bad when you’re doing something that you enjoy. Those hours pass at the speed of light, week after week brings so much fun, sometimes with great results, sometimes without them. 

But the lessons ‘oh, oh, oh’, there are loads of them, just like in school, but every single day of your life…

I still see a positive movement towards my dreams, even though sometimes it’s extremely snail-like. But, as in my already told story, sometimes, snail’s gracefully crawled two meters are much more valuable than your 10km run with your tongue out.

Lezione di vita: slower turns out to be faster sometimes, just as less can be more.

Today I share positive thoughts (after all, I am an immortal optimist) and if sometimes you feel down, I want to lift your chin, smile and while clapping my hands to remind you that everything happens when you take action (Let’s work, work, work! ).

I am very glad that I started the chili pepper project. I’m smiling more and during the day I like to talk to them about how cool they are: growing, blooming. There are quite a few peppers already, but they’re still not ripe. I told M, that once the first one gets red, we must do a Mexican dinner in its honor. 

My e-shop is about to have a new design product addition! If you want something in your way, personalized – feel free to ask!

Overall, it’s getting better!

Photo by Agne Vei

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