It feels like I am only now beginning to understand the goodness of life.

You already know yourself deeper, and that depth is breathtaking.

You already know what it means to be strong because you have the experience that taught you and the mathematical equation of life that proved that you can.

You don’t have to make excuses for your decisions.

You’re an adult enough to decide that you want it that way and not the other way around. You boldly say YES or NO, because there are already a few dozen experiences from which you can look back.

Your body is still beautiful and strong.

Your smile is getting more and more real, one or another gray hair may annoy you, but you already know how to deal with it, so it no longer determines your quality of life.

And you almost manage to follow Chinese wisdom to change what you can and distinguish it from what you cannot change.

You are already certain that in life it is not the goal or the journey itself that matters, but those who travel with you.

I want to be my age, although it is still extremely difficult for me to fully understand it. Maybe it’s because the place of the little one in the family never leaves you. You’re the funniest! You have always been the most loved!

I see how much more I can learn, create, and change (others and myself)!

Lezione di vita: I keep on Agne-ing!!! Keep on ……………………………..-ing!!!!

I had a thought that if Vilnius can celebrate its 699th birthday all year round until the 700th anniversary, then probably no one will be angry if I, a Vilnius resident, celebrate my 39th birthday all year round until the 40th anniversary!

It is a pity that the world is not festive, but only now can you realize how precious every day and the people around you are. All birthday gifts for Ukraine – wishes to defeat with the most sincere and greatest love!

Champagne! Chin-chin & HAPPY CHAMPAGNE DAY TO ME!!!

Photo by Agne Vei

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