For me, February is always associated with my Mom’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day. It also goes very fast and usually reminds me to start taking care of my body lines because SPRING is just around the corner and soon we will see what and how much everybody ate haha.

Today, I heard the flattering sounds of snow cracking under my feet. Even though it was kind of slippery and hard o walk, there was a smile on my face hiding under a bubbly mask.

Would you like something bubbly?

Post staff didn’t seem happy.

Nobody I crossed paths today did…

Or maybe the unhappy one is me? And I was the only one seeing it that way.

God took us from ourselves, when just not that long ago we thought that the best things in life can be bought – new items, travels, bottomless consumption, and one thought ‘I need this’’. But now, when our needs are reduced, it turns out that we can’t live without live conversations, noise, uncovered faces, hugs, coffee breaks with the girls and it looks like it’s fine to wear the same again.

It’s not possible to put everything up on my e-shop (If you only knew how many thoughts, feelings, and ideas I have!).

It’s not possible to tell everything through a computer screen (I need to really see it, touch it, laugh . No no, not just through a screen!).

It’s not possible to always stay at home, no matter how cozy, tidy, beautiful, and full of love they are (Hard!!).

Once again I look through the window and sip my coffee

Did you know that if you’re in a situation when all your good energy is being sucked out by a person you’re talking to, all you need is to imagine a trash bin between you both. Let all the words from that person’s mouth go there – the advice of my best friend (psychologist). It works. I tried it myself.

Can you feel the spring already?

The flowers and trees will start to bloom, birds will chirp, the sun will hug the world and melt those huge piles of snow away. It will get a bit easier for everyone and couples will start hanging padlocks on the bridges once again.

Oh, it definitely smells like SPRING already !!!

Photo by Marius Kasperas



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