From time to time we get stuck within ourselves, our work, visions, goals, and dreams.

Seems like there‘s no one around, who could advise you, (or the opposite, when there are so many of them and everything they say becomes noise). You feel like in a pit, waiting for a strong hand to lift you up. And sometimes you can almost feel it. That one strong pull, to get you back on your feet and give you wings.

The universe is always giving us signs (numbers, words, feelings). It gets harder to notice and hear them. For example, according to astrologists, if you keep noticing number 3, the message from the universe is regarding your trio - body, mind, and soul. If while passing a person you notice his/her t-shirt with a text on it, the message was meant for you. It is also said if your intuition or guardian angel is telling you to ‘to go straight’, even if usually you turn right, should not be ignored.

And a matter of fact there’s a cat meowing under my windows for half a year!

I have no idea why it had such prolonged heat – serenades in the evening were unbearable. I kept joking with Marius, that it was my spirit animal, haha… And sometimes we would listen quietly to how my inside is screaming outside :) I would think that it was wild, dirty, hungry, perhaps even ill, but… But one evening it was so loud, that both of us ran to the balcony to look around what was it. As it turned out, the cat was just above us. Big, sparkling white, and godly beautiful!

‘So it was you making so much noise for the whole six months, huh?’ - I’m asking him, bending over the ledge, while the cat looked at me with its huge yellow eyes like he was actually listening (‘Don’t fall over!’ I heard Marius’ voice).

‘Why are you meowing? What’s wrong? Are you in my current state? I know I know haaaard….’ - it felt like, I was 100% understood, he nodded to everything I said.

After some more of this small talk I turned my laptop on and started googling something like this - ‘white cat spirit animal’… And… And so lucky that I was sitting on the chair when the universe gave me another direction: ‘White cat signifies rebirth like any other cat. White cats are widely considered as the symbol of good luck. In many countries of the world, white cats are a symbol of positivity. If you encounter them on the road, you will get success in whatever you are going to do.’

WOW. I couldn’t stop browsing…

‘Spiritanimal.info’ gives many meanings of symbols like a white cat: 1. Patience, waiting for the right moment to act; 2. Independence, yet enjoying social connections; 3. Spirit of adventure, courage; 4. Deep, relaxed connection with self; 5. Healing from the inside out; 6. Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious.

And the sentence - ‘The cat totem wisdom tells us about timing in action and courage to explore the unknown.’ – amazes me and manages to put everything in its rightful place. EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN opens the door to the unseen world. At that moment, I realized, I‘m stuck in the past and it is hard to let go. There was more, but I‘ll keep the details to myself this time.


Feels like, I‘ve literally read Universe‘s sent message. Here I am, on the road again. Feels good and easy to start to see in the dark. I‘m brave. I believe. I can continue.

In my book ‘Touching Mars’ I wrote about a BUTTERFLY… It was some sort of metamorphosis, a time of growth and changes.

Perhaps you‘re stuck too? Aren’t YOU? Maybe it‘s time to look around? Maybe there‘s a pigeon pooping around and knocking on your window?


Well, it‘s simply much easier to live this way!

Photo by Agne Vei



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