Energy and its devotion


On my birthday, I got an Ayurvedic massage gift voucher. An elderly masseuse in an Indian dress greeted me with a charming smile, lit up a candle, and asked me to take off my clothes. Within a few moments, I was lying on the massage table waiting for a relaxing massage. Suddenly she asked me what I was doing for a living and then her thoughts again drifted somewhere far away.

“Your arms and legs are very cold,” she said to me at the end of a massage. “You could devote the energy that you use to heat them, say, to CREATION.”

Then she told me that blood circulation may be activated with massage; moreover, nutrition, sport, and a positive lifestyle that would make you feel worthwhile are also important. She smiled at me again. I was looking at her with my eyes wide open; a light sleep-inducing aroma was coming from my body. I was trying to read into her words when a phone rang suddenly and I was carried away by reality like a mouse by the cat.

For several years I was coming back and drifting away from the things she said to me.

Energy. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Even a human-made of hundreds of thousands of particles moving at a fast speed is energy.

Stay warm.

Try to devote your energy to something that gives you meaning.

Photo by Agne Vei



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