You‘re looking around with a camera in your hands…

Feels like somebody taps your shoulder and tells you - ‘Hey, look up!’.
And suddenly you believe the voice, your intuition and you see the most beautiful example of design. Widespread over your head there‘s a human creation, a net with a godly creation having a rest within one of the loops - a BUTTERFLY. How organic, what a wonderful synchronization.

Forms, colors, feelings, emotions, meaning.

Oh, were you planning to hide?

And that‘s how it happens: a photo becomes the painting.

The most subtle moment is framed, hiding the meaning of life within it.

Moments like that keep you going.

Because of them – you don‘t give up, even at times that are really hard.
One question helps me fight them all ‘If not me, who will?’.

Photo by Agne Vei



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