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To all unanswered questions, answers begin to appear. Perhaps they should have been asked out loud and written down in black letters on digital white paper.

The alarm goes off. When I open my eyes, it’s black. White mornings stayed somewhere in the summer.

The day begins with a cup of black coffee. Mmm… Those 10 minutes of silence. Already in childhood, I realized that the inner life is much more interesting than the one we live on the outside. I apply black mascara L'Oréal Paris Bambi Eye on my lashes. Just how hard it is to find that silence on a noisy day (I think to myself) while looking at my black fur Swedish House Mafia X Ikea’s limited-edition slippers with little devils in my eyes. Yep, yep, my furry friends agree with me on these black thoughts. I smelled my wrist and one more… Mmm… The smell of passion - a black bottle of YSL Black Opium perfume. I put on a black Equanimity bracelet to remind myself during the day that it feels good to live, to wake up in the moments of the day, and that the next morning I would try again if something went wrong today. I put on a three-oval Mind-Body-Spirit ring, once bought in Asia. The ring with the inscription representing the Body is black. Somehow black is good…

The morning continues. Black military-style Cos sweater, pencil-shaped black MQ skirt, black H & M jacket, and Vagabond boots. Here’s another set of my black autumn. And there’s still a black-long-knitted-warm MQ dress in the closet that I unexpectedly bought in Sukne boutique. I always find there something Asian stylish and wardrobe cool.

My thoughts go back to a post ‘I just can’t wear black anymore’ written back in the heat of Malaysia about black.

I boldly say – BLACK – the color of my autumn.
It returned with all its depths, shades, and mysticism. I don’t give up the colors, they will remain in the details and accents, and I will try to shine to stay in my zen balance.

The day is coming to an end.

It’s BLACK again.

I immerse myself in dreams – BLACK IS GOOD.

Photo by Marius Kasperas



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