BIRTHDAY MONTH: two birthdays!  

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When I was little I used to constantly ask my mother when will my birthday come, she would shout with a smile - ‘When 20 pigeons will come into the yard!’ (April in Lithuanian (Balandis) also means pigeon.) So I’d look out the window and wait, bored to wait I’d go to play. And when the birthday would come, those pigeons would ‘pass’ so quickly that I’d always miss the moment to see them fly away.

As a result, for me, a birthday is like waiting for something that never actually comes, or rather comes quickly, leaves gifts, and disappears into the thin air.

This year I’m celebrating two of my birthdays: my own (let’s name it “still 30+”, haha) and the 1st birthday of my e-shop.

On my birthday, I’m calm.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be 20+ again. I feel very good about where I am and what I’m approaching. I still have 62 to 100 to be creative. In theory, I don’t feel the age and I don’t think much of it. The only desire, as always, is to receive gifts. What kind? Clearly – to renew the wardrobe and this will always be the case. Thinking more – to be honest, that is my only wish, no matter the occasion or the time of the year. My wish always fits in the world FASHION.

On my e-shop birthday I’m both calm and restless.

In the first year, I managed to grow from one product to 30+. Make 200+ sales (Good girl!!!). Send my positive vibes to the countries of America, Europe, and Asia: decorate people’s faces, bodies, and homes. I am very happy about this project and for my birthday I wish myself less doubt and just continue to do what I do. And of course, the best gift would be growing sales :) as proof that I and my creations are needed in this world.

Anyway, I’m drinking champagne for those two birthdays. I remind you and myself that it’s GETTING BETTER! :):):) and I sing out loud:


Photo by Agne Vei



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