Being YOUnique


I admire the ones (strangers) - their minds, ideas, uniqueness, weirdness. I’m THE SECRET ADMIRER, indeed.

Lately, while watching Younger (an American comedy-drama television series) I added a new face to my ‘the-secretly-admired’ list. Actress Debi Mazar as a charming character Maggie Amato – Liza’s (the show’s main character) as Wikipedia describes ‘old-fashioned, artsy, sharp-tongued lesbian best friend and roommate’.

Her-being-her, Maggie simply proves that there is a beautiful form of self-realization no matter what. It’s a natural state within her.

At any weird/challenging/strange/comedy-drama/LIFE-IS-LIFE situation she kind of ignores the complicated issues and continues doing what she does best – she CREATES. It feels that creativity is the way to process and finally express that chaos as a painting, performance, personal style, or even a simple evening with a glass or bottle of red wine.

It is such a good idea to convert ‘unmanageable’ into something material.

To find a form for our anger, pain, loneliness, etc., and express it – be it a photograph, painting, song, dance, exotic dish…

Life goes like this and it is crucial, essential, and vitally important to find the way how to live it.

The good news - you can do it your way. The bad news – you still need to get up and actually do it.

So, stay unique (Your weirdness is your power). Make as many mistakes as you need (At the end who cares?). Learn to let go (Yes, just f*** it!). Proceed (Trial-error-trial-error…- a miracle- trial-error…). Try to be grateful – it makes you rich.

Finally, GIVE YOURSELF TIME - you can swim far.

Photo by Agne Vei



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