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August wind gave me such a cold that I can only look forward. Oh, how philosophical! Immortal op-op-optimist!

What else is there in my August sky of falling stars?

Compared to what’s going on in the world right now- it’s all super-duper.

I can’t complain about anything – the roof over my head is there, the beloved man is nearby, there is food in the fridge, a lot of weekends with friends, more creative thoughts, e-shop is running… Health? See the first sentence, haha…

And with the mantra ‘It’s getting better!‘ how can you give in to those provocations of life?

Few books (a gift from a friend) I was dreaming about are now laying on the table: Betsey Johnson’s memoir and a book on the fashion business. The first is for motivation, the second for 'work, bee, don’t stop’ inspiration to work. Thank you, Mindaugas!

 The bag “Dirtier than me” now has a brother “Imagine” ;).

The most delicious dessert at the moment is Japanese mochi ice cream. Which taste? ALL of them, or as many as I have tried so far.  Mmmm…

The most beautiful colour – ORANGE – it’s delicious, bright, squirting with joy (splashing) just like the orange in a juice squeezer. 

What do I smell like? Moschino 'I Love Love’.

The motivation of the day? Ripening chillies on the windowsill.

The most delicious dish? M made tacos with prawns and our own grown chillies.

Summer discovery? You-ma-me!

What would I like to buy from clothes? Karl Lagerfeld jumper. Something from beloved brand Bimba Y Lola and definitely something shouting Asia from Suknė! And Reda Couture evening dress!

A gold EQUANIMITY bracelet with a pink stone, shines on my wrist (Coming soon to my e-shop!), to remind me to stay in peace with myself no matter what.

P.S. For me August associates with the meditation of watching, more accurately gazing at the night sky. Falling stars reminds us how much more wishes we can come up with, how mysterious and wonderful the world is, and how much more we still want to do.

Photo by Agne Vei



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