I was watching TV series and there was a scene about a girl who always described this world as a bad and unsafe place.

Terrorism, manipulation, and accidents that could happen were her biggest fear. And at the end, when she decided to fight her fear and create a family in this ‘unsafe world’ when they entered the jewelry shop to choose wedding bands, she was shot by a thief.

Your thoughts can materialize.

Constantly repeated they become a thing.
From my own experience, I can say that it’s better to leave those bad thoughts unsaid. Let them spin in your head and leave without damage. Even when it seems really hard, you must stay positive and tell yourself out loud – I can, I’m healthy, happy, beautiful, safe, loved.

Meditation helps.

Deep breaths and letting your thoughts flow uninterrupted whilst you observe from a distance, sort of awakens you. At least twenty minutes a day, just lay down and breathe. If it hurts (literally or not) take one deep breath, hold it in for a moment and breathe out.

This world is full of noise.

It’s hard to hear someone else, even harder to hear yourself.
Live from the inside of yourself, not the opposite.
We are distracted and tortured by social media.
We all are exhausted from the stories that never happened.

A few days ago when I saw a really nice car, ‘What a happy person he must be to have it!’ I said to my friend. ‘You think he’s happy? It just a car, it doesn’t mean anything’ he answered.

But what does it mean to be happy nowadays?

The answer came unexpectedly when the flu attacked and for a couple of days, I couldn’t write, read, eat or in any way interact with this wonderful world. When all wishes flew away like birds before winter. Only one wish – I want to feel better soon, so I could smile, walk, jump, hug, inspire someone again. Just one wish – to be healthy and that brings happiness.

I’ll repeat myself again – my world is beautiful, cozy, safe.

I create within it.
I learn and master my skills.
I stay calm if something unexpected happens.
I breathe and I bend life like a cane towards the sun and after all the rain, when the rainbow paints over the sky, I bend it towards the clouds of dreams, where all the wishes come true.

Photo by Agne Vei



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