It was around 6 AM on a weekday. I, at the beginning of the week, stuck somewhere between reality and a dream. A heavy flow of thoughts was going through my mind, echoing ‘’I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…’’. I can’t see my students, please, not today. I can’t see my colleagues, or the homeless person begging for money near the block. I can’t see people I greet every day: the barista who makes the most amazing cappuccino or the guard at the college’s gates who has the most honest smile – please, not today.


I felt like a helpless baby, who needed her Mom. I was screaming inside, refusing to accept that my alarm will go off at any moment.

But suddenly I heard my own voice overcoming the echoes ‘’A big heart’’. It felt weird, but the voice continued waking me up ‘’I have a big heart and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Everyone! Enough for students and colleagues, I’ll meet today, enough for parents, brothers, friends, and everyone else I’ll ever meet. My heart is so BIG; it can fit everyone, together with their heartaches, challenges, or ups and downs. My HEART is big! And I’m opening it up! I can calm them down, I’ll greet them, I’ll inspire them to LIVE, because there is plenty of room in my heart for everyone, including you…’’.

I can’t tell how long it lasted, but as soon as I heard my alarm ring, I got up with ease and rushed to start the day with my widely open, BIG HEART. What was it you may ask? Maybe another story floating in the air (waiting to be written down), brightening not only the mentioned day but all the others that followed. And not only for me but for everyone I met since then too. It feels amazing to have a BIG HEART and it feels even better if it’s open for everyone.

When I reached the metro station that morning, I stood in front of the doors. I noticed an old and worn-off sticker that read ‘’blessed’’. I feel blessed and thankful.

P. S.
I know you have a BIG HEART too!

Photo by Agne Vei



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