1 ROSE versus 100 ROSES

rose cactus_.jpg

While in the city, a cabriolet passed us, there was a huge bouquet of pink roses on the backseat.

Following it (the man, the car, and the roses) with my eyes I started thinking about my steamy novel ‘Bored in Vilnius!’ (www.amazon.com/author/agnevei) drifting into the continuity of this moment…

My mom always told me, that to a man, you must clearly express what you desire.

‘I want 100 roses ’, I said to M once. ‘Exactly the same as the ones Karl Lagerfeld sent to beloved model Gisele Bundchen’, I pointed at the Instagram post.

And I got it.

Delivered to my door.

How unexpected! Oh WOW!

I even tried to take a selfie with it (Never had the courage to post it on Instagram!), but in the end, it felt fake, stolen, and not an original idea. The feeling was great, but not like it should be, slightly distorted, and the roses didn‘t last long in the heat of Malaysia… Brrr!…

But so many time I got a single rose, not stolen, bought from the impulsive feeling of wanting to go back to beloved woman… - I would pick the leaves (learned it from Addams family TV series, from Morticia (mother), back when I was a child), only leaving the blossom and spikes. And once I kept it in my very own way – in a bottle of water that said CACTUS, because the only vase left was the one from 100 roses and was simply too large.

I guess I realized I would rather get a single rose, but 100 times, after the previous one would die… Or maybe not, maybe too much waste, I always say ‘less is more‘.

One for me. Sometimes. But please always with ❤.

Photo by Agne Vei



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