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Let’s build

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I noticed that wherever I am or wherever I go, I am constantly surrounded by construction.

When we lived in Beijing, M and I watched two skyscrapers grow through our windows. As strange as it may sound, they seemed to be reflections of both of us. It took a long time for the foundation to be built, but over half a year later, looking through the windows, we could notice it started to grow a few floors a day until it reached the sky and had its own windows. But then it was time to raise our wings and we left. The growth of those skyscrapers matched our personal development in some mystical way.

I didn’t see any more such grand constructions up close, but the feeling of “construction” in traveling through life remained.

Lezione di vita: You learn, grow, build, and when you already seem to achieve something beautiful, life breaks it down and sends you an “unfinished” project. So, you...

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So, how to dress in 2023?

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Ten years have passed since I lived in Beijing. We lived in the Wanda skyscraper. In the building’s basement, there was a Korean cafe “Paris Baguette”, where we would buy water bottles designed by designer Karim Rashid. I ❤ design. That is how I first encountered the famous designer.

An interesting fact about him is that Karim Rashid established the color pink in men’s fashion.

This year I ordered his book “Design Your Self – rethinking the way you live, love, work, and play” through Amazon, which was first published in 2006. I shared its content with my students in a lecture on personal branding because clothes play one of the most important roles when we consciously create “the self”. And in it, I was particularly attracted by the ideas of how – both men and women should dress. The advice sounded like an immortal design classic and will certainly be useful to all of us.


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To all unanswered questions, answers begin to appear. Perhaps they should have been asked out loud and written down in black letters on digital white paper.

The alarm goes off. When I open my eyes, it’s black. White mornings stayed somewhere in the summer.

The day begins with a cup of black coffee. Mmm… Those 10 minutes of silence. Already in childhood, I realized that the inner life is much more interesting than the one we live on the outside. I apply black mascara L'Oréal Paris Bambi Eye on my lashes. Just how hard it is to find that silence on a noisy day (I think to myself) while looking at my black fur Swedish House Mafia X Ikea’s limited-edition slippers with little devils in my eyes. Yep, yep, my furry friends agree with me on these black thoughts. I smelled my wrist and one more… Mmm… The smell of passion - a black bottle of YSL Black Opium perfume. I put on a black...

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Why, as soon as you discover how you want to look, comes a new decade of your age, a new season, a wave of fast fashion, and a painful emptiness smoldering in the wardrobe – I AGAIN HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR or I WEAR SAME CLOTHES AGAIN.

I spin my Equanimity bracelet around my finger and try to breathe deeply and catch myself in the here and now, sitting in a room with slightly tangled hair, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of leggings.

I look at the brand-new shoes I bought last fall, and a rejection-filled NO comes out. Then I start pointing my finger at most clothes in the closet and a never-ending NO or MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE begins to bother me. Again?

Then you open your closet again, and like soldiers, you put the pairs of shoes in line against the wall. You shed a tear while hugging a pair of Alexander McQueen high heels because you haven’t put them on for about a couple of...

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Summer frappe with caramel and ice cream was replaced by a hot almond milk cappuccino. Autumn has begun. I want something new.

Most of the time, for me, the word NEW was associated with new clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today I feel different, but I’m not giving up the old-NEW desire.

Hi, so what’s NEW?

The old habit of reading books was replaced by the Audible app. The eyes seem to want only to wander dreamily into the distance. Still, the ears do listen, especially when commuting to or from work on the morning/evening buses of Vilnius. What am I listening to? Book by John Morgan “Brand against the machine”, and podcasts – “The logo geek podcast with Ian Paget”, “Design your life with Vince Frost”, and “The brand new you with Ryan Rhoten” to mention a few.

The new Asus ZenBook has replaced the old Asus ZenBook. I hope there will be more ZEN in my life to trust the process...

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I came to the café and after buying myself a large caramel frappe, I sat by the window, commanding myself to FOCUS and WRITE. I’ve been writing in my mind since Spring, but unfortunately, no one can read minds. Yet.

It happened as in a movie theatre – the film has not yet begun, but the popcorn has already been eaten; the screen is flickering with a question, nothing else is written, but the frappe has already been drunk. But as I pumped through the straw the last drop of coffee and looked through the window at the passing cars and the answer to my question came to me with a loud bang – MY SUMMER IS JUST LIKE ME.

What am I like?

On my nose, are Tom Ford’s infinity-shaped sunglasses. The greenish tone of the glasses embellishes the turbulent everyday life and for a decade now I have been hearing daily compliments on how beautiful my glasses are. Don’t hesitate to buy something of...

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It feels like I am only now beginning to understand the goodness of life.

You already know yourself deeper, and that depth is breathtaking.

You already know what it means to be strong because you have the experience that taught you and the mathematical equation of life that proved that you can.

You don’t have to make excuses for your decisions.

You’re an adult enough to decide that you want it that way and not the other way around. You boldly say YES or NO, because there are already a few dozen experiences from which you can look back.

Your body is still beautiful and strong.

Your smile is getting more and more real, one or another gray hair may annoy you, but you already know how to deal with it, so it no longer determines your quality of life.

And you almost manage to follow Chinese wisdom to change what you can and distinguish it from what you cannot change.

You are...

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NEW YEAR: aah, aah, aah!

ai ai ai.jpg

My Year of the Water Tiger 2022 began with a red iPhone 13 mini, Nähe’s red planner for the year and red nails, and a white Uniqlo X Keith Haring unisex jumper with a tiny man figure which had a red X on his head (Aah, aah, aah!).

Do I want red again?

Looking at the red soles of my shoes, it looks like that, but… But perhaps only in certain details of the outfit or as a small part of a personal image in general. So far, it’s too cold for me to think about what the color or color combination of the spring will be for me.

The color of the year announced by the Pantone Color Institute - Very Peri – violet and violet-red halftones that originated from the color blue family, reflecting creativity, bold self-expression, dynamism, this challenging period, and infinity of the possibilities of today’s world, thanks to which we can change.

The Year of the Water Tiger colors our world in...

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Lezione di vita: “I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow; if I fail, or if I succeed at least I did as I believe.” (Whitney Houston)

Photo by Marius Kasperas

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When I got on the trolleybus, I soon noticed a two-year-old boy. He was sitting in front of his dad. Looking through the window, constantly pointing his finger at something and repeating WOW.

And WOW or WOOOOW was so special that I started looking in that direction. Everything was just WOW - passing cars, people walking down the street, a girl chasing a puppy, a market full of autumn goodies and life, in general, running at a seemingly crazy speed.

This boy sort of woke me up, at least today to look at life through WOW glasses. To look at everything that surrounds me with eyes full of love and amazement. And that’s exactly what I did, repeating that phrase all day in my head.

The WOW of today became a sunny and warm Sunday, a gigantic monkey smoking cigar sitting on the roof of one house, people I met, Vietnamese style knitted hat from Sukne boutique, coffee with almond milk, M...

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